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A Tale of Kudzu

A Tale of Kudzu

There once was an older woman displeased with who her husband of many years had become. So she went to the village herbalist for aid.

She told the herbalist that when she first married this man, he was a wonderful husband. They soon had children, and at first he was a good father. But he began to drink excessively.

His drinking brought out the worst in him. And over the years, he turned into an angry, mean spirited man whom she had come to dislike greatly. She had spoken to him about his drinking, and he would quite for a little, bringing back a bit of his old disposition, but he would inevitably return to alcohol.

The woman said she would not leave him. He was the financial foundation of the house, and it would be a disgrace to their family if she did.

The village herbalist listened, and gave her the tincture of kudzu. He mentioned that it was possible for him to return to the better person he was before, but not without a little help. He instructed the woman to put the drops of kudzu into his alcohol before she served it to him.

And she did. The man became violently ill with every drinking episode. And it only took about a week for him to cut back to the point where, one day, he quit.

Within a short period of time, he was a kinder and gentler man again. And whenever he asked for a drink, his wife would add the drops of kudzu, until he asked no longer.


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  • leslie postin

    oh this is great!!! thanks for sharing it:) xxx

    • Hello!  It is a great story.  I heard it a long time ago, and don’t recall it’s origin.  But it speaks loads of the coyote medicine that is kudzu.  Thanks for reading.  Warm wish.