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About Red Root Mountain and Kathy Eich

Red Root Mountain School of Botanical Medicine’s goal is to educate community, client and practitioner in the use of plant medicine. We teach in the hope that people will put into practice holistic living and healing techniques that improve their quality and experience of life, thus allowing them to empower themselves. We also teach to help fill the world with more thoughtful and educated herbalists, as it is my mission that everyone in a community should have access to someone who knows how to wield the power of plant medicine.

Classes focus on the history and application of plant medicines, and integrate all styles of learning. While there is a fair amount of lecture involved, woven into each class is plenty of space to speak, ask questions, do group projects in class, and present or discuss homework. In short, the courses may be involved and challenging, but they are also lots of fun, with laugher, community and skill building.

What one can expect from each course can be found in individual course descriptions, located under the heading Upcoming Courses. Each course builds on and adds skills. As we spiral from beginning to more advanced concepts, there is lots of review, reapplication of concepts in new ways, and strategies for thinking outside the box.

The beginner course is foundational. We learn the language of energetic terms, the many ways to categorize plant medicines, and how to see plants according to their taste, the 4 qualities (hot, cold, dry, and wet) and the two tensions (relaxation and tension).  We take these early concepts, and learn to apply herbs to acute illness and first aid. Hands on medicine making and herb walks are also included, as is a salve making presentation class as a final, where students have created and made a salve, and have to present their idea and artistry to their peers.

Intermediate courses build on the techniques acquired in the beginning. We begin to weave in the idea of organ system deficiency and excess, move on to each organ system, how they relate, and how they function. We also learn how to manage chronic conditions of those systems. In preparation for the more advanced studies, language and ideas of the 6 Tissue States of the Greeks and Eclectic Doctors are spoken of more in the intermediate course. For our hand on learning, we make body creams!

The advanced courses are a mix of old philosophy with new concepts and science. To represent the old, we have the 6 tissue states, which I use as a foundational model of assessment for the human body and plants alike. Within that, we also talk about the 4 humors (blood, black and yellow bile, and phlegm), as well as the 5th humor, as I like to call it- lymphatic fluid! For the new, we have courses that address adrenal cortical and medulla stress, thyroid stress and disorders, and hormonal balancing. Soon to come, will also be a course that outlines details for working with autoimmune disorders/disease.

In all, one can expect to acquire a knowledge of about 35-100 plants, depending on how far they progress in their studies, and to have a working understanding of a plants relationship to the body in how they move energy, and work chemically. The art of herb and essential oil formulation is a big part of the education process, as is nutrition.

If you are interested in attending a class in Madison, WI, or in being a part of the growing online attendees, leave a note below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Also know that there are no refunds for classes. If you do pay, and need to drop the course, you are always welcome to apply those funds to another course, no fees involved.

Thanks for your interest in Red Root Mountain School of Botanical Medicine.  Warm wishes- Kathy Eich

About Kathy Eich

Kathy Eich

Kathy Eich’s first career was in classical music.  She received a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Performance from the Universities of Iowa and Notre Dame, respectively. Since finishing the physician assistant prerequisite courses, she hopes to gain entry in the University of Wisconsin- Madison physician assistant program in the coming year.

Kathy has been a practicing herbalist, working with people and plants, since 1996. She is former co-owner and co-founder of Weeds of Eden Herb Store and Clinic in Louisville, KY., where she began her herbal and aromatic client practice and teaching. From there, she went on to teach for a continuing education accredited school based in New York, educating nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists and cosmetologists in use of aromatics and herbs therapeutically.

Kathy continued her teaching at New Mexico College of Natural Healing, developing curriculum and course work in holistic nutrition, clinical herbalism, and aromatherapy, first being appointed head of the Aromatherapy Department, and next head of the Herb Department.

Her last teaching post, outside of her own school, was for The Madison Herb Institute, where she wrote a bulk of the course The Family Herbalist.

Kathy has also been privileged enough to speak at many events regarding the practice of shamanism and plant medicine, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy.  Most notable were the Southwestern Herb Conference Voyage Botanica, and the Midwestern Women’s Herbal Conference.

She has published over 80 articles in print, most of which can be found here. And is author of the book Make Your Way to Being An Herbalist, a foundational work that focuses of the hows and whys of medicine making, and application of herbs for acute illness, first aid, and insomnia. The book also provides foundations in working with essential oils, and topical infused oils.

Kathy currently see’s clients in Madison, WI. In 2009 she wove together the coursework she’d crafted over the years into a cohesive curriculum, founding her own school, Red Root Mountain School of Botanical Medicine, teaching classes online and in Madison.