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Aromatherapy One Day Spring Workshop- April 3, 2016


Scent is old, and moves into deep places in our brain and nervous system. When it does, we are transported to a time or place from the past, a memory forgotten, or a feeling. How did we get there? Well, for the most part, only the scent knows those pathways, for scent works in ways that we don’t fully understand. The science is still a work in progress.

Aromatherapy is the art of wielding scents in the form of essential oils. We do so to elicit healing, sometimes helping people remember the past, and sometimes inspiring something new- a new pattern, a new feeling about something that was stressful, or a new thought.

In this one day 6 hour workshop, we will explore the world of 12 different essential oils: rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus, cardamom, petitgrain, sweet orange, vetiver, basil, and ylang-ylang, and myrrh, Clary sage, geranium

We will:

  • Learn what the essential oils in our course do
  • Talk about a bit of their chemistry
  • Learn about the brain, and how scent transmits information to influence our mind, body and emotions
  • Learn about carrier oils and dilutions (for kids and adults)
  • Talk about contraindications of some essential oils
  • Explore a few different perspectives on formulation
  • Formulate! We will focus on formulas for sedation and balancing the nervous system, topical anti-microbial formulas, immune boosting formulas, aphrodisiacs and what you specifically have questions about.

…and, as usual, more!

  • Date: April 3, 2016
  • Time: 9 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Place: My House
  • Cost: (includes supplies) $95
  • Bring your lunch! We will have about 30 min. for a lunch break. (FYI- I don’t have a microwave- sorry about that.)

Please email me at kathyweeds@yahoo.com if you are interested. I will take about 10 students for this workshop.

Warm wishes!


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