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Book On Sale- Make Your Way To Being An Herbalist

Beginning folks ask me all the time, “What book should I get?” It is a difficult question. There are books I recommend, but most don’t give a comprehensive picture of what it is to be an herbalist, what to begin learning, and how to get there. I feel one needs a book that is a bit of a roadmap.

Some questions I wanted to answer in a beginning book are:

  • How do plants move energy, and how does that relate to their action in the body?
  • Terms from ancient systems of medicine can be abstract. How can one begin to understand hot, cold, dry and wet, stimulating and relaxing, and learn to apply them?
  • Can a plants action be illustrated with acute illness?
  • What is it to be an herbalist?
  • What is the vocabulary that we use to talk about plants as medicines?
  • Why and how does aromatherapy fit in?
  • If you want to save money on natural products, what is the best way to do that, and how does one make them?
  • How do you make tinctures that are clinically viable, and affordable?
  • If you’re going to make plant medicines, what part of the plant do you use?
  • Can a cream or salts for soaking be medicinal, and how does one make them?
  • What are plants and strategies for dealing with coughs, high fevers insomnia and more without pharmaceuticals?

…and more

That’s my book- Make Your Way To Being An Herbalist. I believe strongly that everyone should know how to use plants as medicines, or know someone who does. We all have the ability and vocabulary to do it, we just need to remember it, use it, and to think about it.

If you wish to purchase the paperback version of the book it is available here, and at Amazon.  A Kindle version is also available on Amazon.



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