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Client Services

My name is Kathy Eich. I’m an herbalist, aromatherapist and pre-physician assistant student. My herbal practice goes back 25 years. Over the course of that time, I have lived in 3 areas of the country, worked extensively with all age groups, and have experience with chronic disease and ill health, as well as acute conditions. I am also able to work with most prescription medications.

I am available for weekday consultations in Madison, WI. Please contact me at kathyweeds@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Consultation Fees- (cash, check or charge)

  • Initial consultation lasting 60 min.: $75 , plus the cost of herbs
  • Follow ups lasting 30-45 min.: $40, plus the cost of herbs

What will an assessment include?

A consultation takes into account many things.

  • Your immediate health concerns
  • The tongue
  • Health history, and traumas
  • Organ system deficiencies and excess
  • How you stress, and your reaction to it
  • Hormonal imbalances, if applicable
  • Ancient Greek tissue state and humoral medicine theories, and plant usage according to taste and energetics.
  • Herb specific indications of the Eclectic doctors

Other things that will be taken into account that may affect health are: the use of prescription medications, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle, and life circumstances.

In the end, we map out a health plan. Please note that the work of good health takes time. We work through layers. Goals will be realistic and reflective of this.