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Client Services

Due to Kathy Eich’s return to school to hopefully become a Physicians Assistant, she will not be seeing clients. If you are interested in a recommendation for another herbalist, please leave a note, and you will be contacted. Thank you!

Kathy Eich, herbalist, aromatherapist and shamanic practitioner, is available for weekday consultations in Madison, WI. She has experience working with a wide variety of imbalances, from chronic to acute, sees clients of all ages, and is typially able to work with prescription medications.

What will an assessment include?

A consultation takes into account your immediate health concerns, the tongue, health history, trauma, organ system deficiencies and excess, and the nature of the person based on tissue state and blood. The culmination of all are a reflection of who you are as an individual.

Other things that will be taken into account that may affect health and nature are: the use of prescription medications, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle and thought patterns that support ill health, and life circumstances.

In the end, we map out a healing plan. Please note that the work of good health takes time. We work through layers. Goals will be realistic and reflective of this.

Consultation Fees

Fees for Plant Therapy and Herb Work

Initial consultation lasting 60 min.: $75 , plus the cost of herbs

Follow ups lasting 30-45 min.: $50, plus the cost of herbs

Fees for Shamanic work

Each appointment lasts about 60 min., and costs $75.

Payment methods accepted: cash, check or charge.