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Daylong Class- Humoral Medicine: The Quality and Temperament of Blood- pt. 1

  • When: Sunday, June 18th
  • Time: 10-4:30
  • Cost: $85

What has the most flexible and broad range of motion in the body? Fluid does, and fluid is our blood. It is packed with the connective tissues that are our red and white blood cells, proteins that help it maintain fluid balance and transport hormones, and gases. It has things that are both hydrophilic/water loving, and hydrophobic/ water disliking. It’s consistency is ruled by our organs, and maintaining blood homeostasis is essential for maintaining cell and tissue homeostasis.

The Greeks understood blood, as did the Eclectic doctors. While their vision and passion for blood does not always fit how we view this part viscous part dense fluid now, many of their perspectives are still essential. In this daylong class, we will apply our materia medica to the qualities of blood as set forth by the Greeks. We will investigate it’s cleanliness, location, temperature, and density. We will talk about plants and their ability to rebalance long term changes in blood that adversely affect us.




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