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Daylong Digestive Class- Date and Time changed

  • Date and Day: Sunday- April 2nd
  • Time: 10:30-3:30
  • Cost: $70
  • Note: Handouts will be sent ahead of time! Please bring your own lunch. If you register for the class, and would like to be a sample client, allowing us to formulate a digestive formula for you, please let me know when you register.

All skillful herbalists know that ingesting the proper foods, good digestion, proper absorption, and assimilation are just one piece of the essential-to-life puzzle, but they are a big one. With this, we also need many other systems and organs to synchronize to make enzymes and bile at the right time, detoxify what may harm us, and circulate all those nutrients to be used by cells.

In this daylong class:

  • Materia medica of digestive plants will be presented, with lots of tasting, of course.
  • A brief overview of the digestive system will be discussed, as we overlay our digestive materia medica to show where and what in the tract the plants have an affinity for.
  • We will then discuss herbal strategies and formulas (both simple and complex) to support imbalances of the digestive system and the liver.



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