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Dog Survives Run In With Mouse Poison

Our dog, Bodhi!

Our dog, Bodhi!


Note: This article was not written to take the place of a vet visit.  Mouse poison can kill your dog slowly, and painfully. Get him to vomit, and get him to a vet.

Dogs, especially hounds, experience life through their noses and their mouths. This can certainly get them into trouble. Our dog is no different. He loves to eat gross things, stick his nose into tight places, and roll in dead, stinky stuff. He’s a professional dog.

While on our trip to New Mexico, however, this practice of sniffing out and eating nastiness nearly killed him, as he sniffed out some mouse poison that was hidden in the place we were staying.

Thankfully, I was in the same room with him, and heard him scuffling and then crunching.  I turned to see him chowing down on green pellets that came from a tray, and knew exactly what he had.

I called a friend, as we were vising from out of town, and asked for her vet.  I called her vet.  It was a Sat., and there was no answer.  So I called our vet in Madison, WI. They picked up immediately.

The instructions: get hydrogen peroxide. Give the dog 4 oz., and wait for him to vomit.  Then GET HIM TO A VET, PRONTO!

It was 30 min. from ingestion to the point where we got the peroxide down his throat, because we didn’t have any.

How to get them to take it? To facilitate this, take your dog outside, have him sit, someone needs to hold his mouth open, and pour.  It might take 10 min. for him/her to vomit.  It works.

Clean up the vomit so they or another dog/animal doesn’t eat it. It’s got mouse poison in it, which will be evidenced in the color.

By this time the NM vet had called, and we got him in.  He needed a vitamin K injection, and a good dose of vit. K daily for 15 days.  But he was okay.

Signs we looked for over the course of that 15 days: bloody gums, pale gums, blood in stool or urine, coughing up blood, bloody nose, extreme fatigue.

While this is not an herb article, it is important to note the hydrogen peroxide part.  I wish we had gotten it into our dog sooner, but thankfully, he was still okay.


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  • Tintinnabulousboi

    I’m glad Bodhi made it alright. Its so easy to get caught off guard in new and strange environments! Me and Domo (the dog) nearly avoided a run in with a Mama moose while in Colorado.
    I hope the rest of your trip went well!

    • Yikes, to you, too! Moose don’t mess around.  Our animals and kids constantly teaching us life skills we didn’t know we needed to know!  It will be great to see you back in the land of ice and snow, and swap stories about our trips west.