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First Week of School and Already a Cold?!? Well,briefly…

It’s the first week of school, and I’m as excited and nervous as my kids.  It has been a long and rewarding summer with both girls, and now we prepare for the new year ahead.  For them, it’s school.  For me, it’s more time to work.  Work that I love, for I am an herbalist.

I’m excited for my time, but I wonder, will they miss me?  Will they be happy with their friends and teachers this year?  Will they get sick right away?

And wouldn’t you know it, one of them does.  It’s my 6 year old.  Just as I’m celebrating my ability to think my own thoughts, check in on my clients, and write classes and articles, she comes home with a wet nasty cough, sneezing, and a snotty runny nose.  It is day 3.  Sigh.

I remind myself that I love hanging out with my kids, and that this is my job.  A job I love.  It’s a privilege to concoct amazing little melodies of plant medicines to heal wounds, stifle sniffles, balance hormones and repair bones.  So, I set aside my new found freedom, and get to work.

I check her temperature, listen to her cough, and mix.  I throw together an interesting formula of plants I tinctured in the spring and summer.  Calendula officinalis blossoms, wild American licorice root (Glycyrrhiza lepidota), American angelica (Angelica archangelica), peppermint and horseradish.  I give her a good 35 drops of the formula two times before bed (an hour apart) and I wait.

She sleeps through the night without coughing, and awakes in the morning rested and a wee bit congested.  I give her another 35 drops with 1 oz. of weak hot toddy.  She has no fever and goes to school.

The day is long, but she makes it all the way through.  Upon meeting her after school, I notice her congestion and cough are gone,  and she is sneezing very little.  She takes 3 doses of the tincture formula over the course of 5 hours, sleeps through the night, and wakens in the morning cold free.

I think to myself, “That was easy.”  Compared to recurrent strep, impaled throats, broken collar bones, bronchitis, croup, RSV, H1N1 and the litany of other household health extremes, it certainly was.  And I go quietly back to my new found freedom.


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