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Herbs and the Endocrine System- Coordinated Communication

Course dates: Saturday October 28-Nov. 18

Times: 10:30am -1:30 pm.

Cost: early registration fee of $250 if registered by 9/25/2017; after the class fee is $295

Hormonal cascades are powerful. They can move quickly or slowly, they can solve problems or create them. The hormonal response that is elicited impacts our ability to store energy, use energy, eliminate, conjugate waste, feel full after a meal and more.

It is one thing to understand hormones individually, and it is quite another to comprehend how they work in consort. In this class, that is just what we will do.

Classes 1 and 2– We will lay out our Materia medica of adaptogens, and plants that would be supportive to endocrine function.

Class 3– We examine the following:

Endocrine and Partial Endocrine Organs and the Basics of their Hormones-

  • Endocrine glands: Pancreas, Thyroid, Hypothalamus Pituitary Axis, Adrenals
  • Partial Endocrine Glands: Kidneys, Duodenum

Hormones of these glands/organs:

  • What they are made of?
  • What is their job?
  • What organs have their receptors?
  • What happens when we are deficient or have an excess of them?

Class 4-6:

Formulating for Imbalances-

  • Class 4- The Nervous System and Digestive System
  • Class 5- The Heart, Circulatory System and Kidney
  • Class 6- The Liver, Muscle and Adipose Tissue- Metabolism and Metabolic Disorders

Please email me at kathyweeds@gmail.com if you are interested in registering for this course. Thank you!


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