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Lymph Mini Series- The Quality Assurance System

Class Options: Daytime, Evening, and online options (must have fast internet for online)

Dates: Thursday- August 18, 25, and Sept 1

Daytime: 10-12:30 am.

Evening: 6:30-9 pm.

Cost: $125

In the year 1651, a French scientist by the name of Jean Pecquet discovered a series of vessels in animals, and deemed it the lymphatic system. A year later, the Danish physician, Thomas Bartholin, identified and fully illustrated the system in humans. While their discoveries went into books and papers, a more comprehensive understanding of this part of the circulatory system was still to be discovered. And to some degree, we are still uncovering the many mysteries of this complex and very supportive organ system.

As herbalists, we traverse the boundaries of lymphatics with enthusiasm, speaking of supporting the lymphatics, and improving immune function. But what does that mean?

In this 3 part mini-class series, we will better define those vague terms, explore to some depth our lymph, and the plants that have an affinity for it. Questions that we will answer:

  • How does lymph circulate?
  • What is the structure of lymphatic vessels, and what is the function of a node and gland?
  • How do I support, and treat disorders of the lymphatic system naturally, from hemorrhoids and swollen spleen to breast distension and swelling?
  • What plants have an affinity for lymph, and how do they interface with other organs?
  • How do the Tissue State and Humors fit into dysfunctions of lymph?
  • …and more

Class 1- Materia medica of the Lymphatic System- Plants that we will cover: stillingia, figwort, collinsonia, red root, violet leaf, poke root, fennel, cleavers, burdock root

Class 2- Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System, and the Lymphatics Role in Nutrition-

Class 3- Maladies Needing Lymphatic Support- breast, immune, swollen spleen lymph edema, heart and circulatory

If you are interested in this class series, please leave a message below, or email me at kathyweeds@yahoo.com. Thank you!


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