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Materia medica Series, part 2 – Spring 2015

This course is suited for any level of learner, from beginning to advanced. 

Dates: Thurs. April 16, 23, 30th (week off May 7th), May 14th and 21st

Time: 6:30-9 pm

Cost: $250

In days past, the internal plant to person relationship began with taste.  Through taste doctors would decide a plants ability to cool, heat, dry, moisten, calm or stimulate.  They would appraise the plants basic actions, determine specific medicinal uses and assess which organs each plant had an affinity for.  Their theories would then be applied to patients, at which time they would take notes, and observe the degree of success or failure.  Taste paved the road to recovery.

Today, many modern herbalists are recalling this old medical habit to move clients to better health and balance.  In this series on plants, we will learn the medicinal application of taste, and affinities taste has for organ systems and function.

If you are interested in joining the course, please leave a note in the comment section. I will email you back.

Plants we will focus on in our studies on taste for each class are:

Class 1- Acrid Bitters as Relaxants- blue vervain, lobelia, yarrow, catnip

Class 2- Sours as Refrigerants- hawthorn, wild rose, raspberry leaf

Class 3- Salty and Sweet: Nourish and Restore – plantain, St. Johns wort, beet, wood betony

Class 4- Pungent Plants of the Midwestern Garden- sage, thyme, holy basil, garlic

Class 5 – Cool Stimulating Bitters and Aromatic Bitters- Oregon grape root, black walnut hull, Yerba mansa

Place: My House

Dates: Thurs. April 16, 23, 30th (week off May 7th), May 14th and 21st

Time: 6:30-9 pm

Cost: $175


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  • Issie S.G.


    Hi! You’re offering a class this summer, I’m interested. Have you taught it before? Will there be homework?


    • Hi Issie,

      It’s great to hear from you! This is new material, for the most part. It’s about individual plants. I’ll send you an email with application this weekend in case you’re interested I joining.
      Warm wishes,

  • Issie S.G.

    OK! I am interested in joining.

    • Hi Issie,

      That’s great. I’ll send an application when I’m on the computer next. Warm wishes, Kathy