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Salves and Soaks- A Day Long Class In Support of Feeling Fine

Early in my practice, there were 2 products that changed my perspective for the better on herbal medicine. Salves, which I think are all sorts of awesome, and soaks, which can be the fun and whimsy of any medicine cabinet. This daylong class will be divided up into 3 portions. We will learn about and make something from each category.

  • Part 1– Salves in a Tube- Tubes are often my favorite delivery medium for a salve, as they are neat and travel easily. I have made them for grown ups and kids alike. In class, we will make a tube of salve that assists  respiratory or sinus distress. The tube can also double as muscle ache balm.
  • Part 2– The soak of the hour will be the Fabulous Fizzy Bath Ball recipe from my book, Make Your Way to Being An Herbalist. You can make foot friendly bath balls using essential oils that would not work well for full body, but that will rejuvenate the feet or treat foot fungus. You may also choose to make bath balls that can be used in the tub.
  • Part 3– While not in the title, we will spend the last hour of class making an Aphrodisiac Roller Ball! These formulas are great fun, and can also be used to relieve stress and anxiety, or act as sedatives for insomnia.

When: Sunday Dec. 11

Time: From 10-3:30 pm.

Place: Mine, of course

Lunch: Bring a lunch! We have a microwave now, so you can even heat it if you like.

Cost: $100 (covers material fees for making- there is no handout for this class, but there will be instruction)

Send me an email at kathyweeds@yahoo.com if you are interested. Space is limited.



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