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Shamanic Healing Course Winter 2012

A small movement has grown to answer a need for healing the spirit and soul. It was born of the reclamation of traditional shamanic practices, a practice that involves communicating with spirits and entities to help people recover from damage caused by stress and trauma.

In order to accomplish the task, a shaman or spirit worker acts as an intermediary–communicating with spirits on behalf of the one seeking healing. The process calls for the shaman to journey, in most cases, into the realm of spirits other dimensions to retrieve information and facilitate healing.

Healing happens in many ways. A few examples of work a shaman or spirit worker may perform on the recipients behalf: retrieving lost soul and body-parts (parts of ourselves dropped in times of trauma and stress), healing ancestral wounds, clearing entities attached to physical spaces and/or people; addressing issues of soul purpose or power, past-life and shadow work (dark parts of ourselves that we wish to ignore).

The goal of this course is to gain personal experience in and understanding of the spirit world, and to wake up a healing process in us with the hope of helping others. What is particularly nice about it is the fact that it is a facilitated course with peer support. We will:

 begin journeying, gaining experience traveling and receiving information in other dimensions from power animals, spirit guides, plant talismans and stones
 learn space and body clearing
 experiment with feeling vibrations of illness
 learn our soul’s purpose according to the elemental clans: nature, water, fire, mineral and earth
 begin the practice of soul retrieval

Course details:
 Dates: 7 weeks, February 16-March 29
 Day: Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm
 Cost: $275

Will need a rattle or drum for work at home.

If you would like a registration form, send me a note at. Leave a message you would like a registration form. The form is due back with the class fee.

I have room for 4-6 people. If there is enough interest I will set a second class time and date.

Note: The schedule and outline for this course are subject to small changes.

Spiritual Healing Course Outline

I. Beginning Journeying: journeying with power animals
II. Meeting spirit guides
a. Questions for life, questions for healing
b. Journeying with stones

III. Spiritual Illness
a. What is Spiritual Illness?
b. Difference between Soul and Spirit
c. Past Life Healing

IV. Preparation for Spiritual Healing with Healing Bath
a. What is the Energy Field
b. Clearing Work: Healing baths, burning plants, and hands on

V. Soul Loss and Retrieval
a. A Practitioners Preparation for Soul Retrieval
b. How to do Soul Retrieval
c. Integration of the work

If time allows, we will study:

 Elemental Balancing, Clans and Soul Purpose According to the Dagara Tribe (Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, Nature)
 Resonance: The Vibration of Illness
Homework: journeying; reading; keeping a journal; healing baths; writing our personal story according to the directions


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