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Spirit work Course Part 2: Shadow and Chakras, Space Clearing and Extraction

In spirit work (a.k.a. shamanic work) a person acts as an intermediary–communicating with spirits on behalf of the one seeking healing, or on behalf of their own healing. The process calls for the individual to journey, in most cases, into the realm of spirits in other dimensions to retrieve information and facilitate healing.

In the first course on Spirit Work, each individual learned to journey and gain experience traveling and receiving information in other dimensions from power animals, spirit guides, plant talismans and stones. We worked on learning to feel vibrations of energy fields, did chakra meditations, and practice soul and past life retrieval. We also did a bit of talking about an individuals soul purpose according to their elemental clans: nature, water, fire, mineral and earth.

In this next course on spirit work, the following techniques we will work with (but will not be limited to):

  • Work further with Chakra mediations
  • Learn the discipline of extraction (finding things that are lodged in the body and energy field that need to be removed)
  • Beginning the work of clearing space and people.
  •  Start shadow work (required reading, see below)
  • Continue to practice the skill of journeying for ourselves and others, and of soul retrieval

Number of Classes: 6

Day: Wednesdays, March 4-25, (week off April 1st) April 8 & 15

Time: 10-12:30

Where: My house

Cost: $275

Required reading: Your Shadow, by Robin Robertson 

If you are interested in enrolling, and have not studied with me before, that is okay. The only requirement is that you know how to journey, and communicate with your helping spirits.

Please leave a note below if you would like to receive an application. Thanks!


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  • Brittany

    I was referred to you by a couple of people. I am very interested in becoming an herbalist and becoming involved with holistic healing. I see this is a more advanced class, but I am interested in starting at any time. Any information you have to get started would be wonderful. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Britney,
      Thanks for your note, and to the good folks who sent you my way! I look forward to meeting you. I’m going to send you an email telling you about things in the Summer and Fall of 2015 that will fit your needs. I still haven’t done the formal schedule, but will be figuring that out in the next week. Warm wishes, Kathy

  • AnnMarie

    Hi Kathy, I wish I had known about your first shamanic course offering! I have developed a strong interest in this area of healing but have not had a chance to take any courses yet. I would love to attend your current course but I am not sure if that would be appropriate for me or not? Thanks, Ann Marie

    • Ann Marie!I know you. Didn’t we meet at Herb Day a bit ago? Your partner works at Community Pharm, right? I’m going to send you a personal email on this later. That way we can discuss what you have some experience with, and see what fits you.  It is great to hear from you. Warm wishes to you, Kathy

      • AnnMarie

        We did meet briefly after a talk you gave, but my husband doesn’t work at community pharm. Wish he did though! Thank you and an email sounds good, I will keep an eye out.