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Summer Materia medica Course- Midwestern, Mediterranean and Southwestern Herbs

When: Daytime and evening classes

  • Thurs. Evenings: 6:30-8:30 pm- July 6-27 (tentative)
  • Sat. Afternoon: 10:30 am-12:30 pm- July 8-29th

Where: My house

Cost: $175

Studying plants is such fun. In this Materia medica class, we will focus weekly on different themes. Using plants as your vehicle, you will travel from the Midwest to the Southwest, from the Mediterranean, the woods, with one goal in mind- to learn how certain plants heal   We will comb through the details of 3+ plants per class (time permitting), tasting them, learning deeply about their medicinal history and nature, their emotional disposition, and working up formulas.

This course will do well to stand on it’s own, but also augments the work that you might do in other classes. It is appropriate for beginners and those who are more knowledgeable alike.

Read on for a description of each class!

Week 1- Midwestern Weeds for Wellness!

In this class, we will study plants that are cool, stimulating, and bitter. Some of them you will have heard of, for they grow in your backyard, while others will not be as widely known.

This won’t be your typical backyard garden party of plants, though, as we’ll be investigating the how, why, when to use and on whom specifics of each plant.

Plants to be included: dandelion root, culvers root, nettles, burdock root, and cleavers

Week 2- Aromatics of the Mediterranean 

Cooler weather and acute illness find great uses for these plants. But some folks enjoy them year round.

Plants to be included- basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary

Week 3- Plants that Sooth

These plants vary in function, but all have common threads. In this class we will investigate how and why to use them in different situations.

Plants to be included- marshmallow root, fennel, plantain and fenugreek

Week 4: Gems of the Southwest

Due to demand, this class will cover the plants of the desert.

Plants included- chaparral, yerba mansa, yerba santa, and red root




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