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The School

Redroot Mountain School of Botanical Medicine’s goal is to educate community, client and practitioner in the use of plant medicine and spiritual healing techniques. We teach in the hope that people will put into practice holistic living and healing techniques that improve their quality and experience of life, thus allowing them to empower themselves.

Community classes will give instruction on the use of plant medicines for healing chronic and acute illness, organ system support and balance, and disease prevention. Materia medica-a list of plants and their history and application of use-will naturally be included. Aromatherapy will also be included.

For the practitioner, classes will focus on education of the history of plant medicines, a Materia medica of up to 100 plants, the relationship and affects those plants have internally to balance organ systems, the art of tincture and essential oil formulation, and the making of herbal tinctures and body products that support healing. Anatomy and physiology, and nutrition will be part of the program requirements, as will spiritual healing techniques as employed by shamans.

A store that sells the products made will be run as a clinical training ground for full consultations, as well as over-the-counter consultations. It will also give students a sense of how to run a business, and work together.

Red Root Mountain School of Botanical Medicine supports the use of alternative methods to realign the body through structure and organ system function. The school will not teach or support the business of alternative practitioners diagnosing or prescribing, acts that are illegal. We also support the education of practitioners working together, whether it is working with an acupuncturist, yogi, body worker, or doctor of modern medicine for a more effective healing process.