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Thyroid Course, Summer 2016

New day, and evening or daytime options!

Dates: June 28th-July 26th

Times: Daytime class: 10-12:30; Evening class 6:30-9

Place: My house

Cost: $325

Working with herbs is a mix of art and science. That philosophical combination is an important one to remember when applying plant medicines to the endocrine system, where patterns often feel unbreakable, and take their own sweet time to reroute and retrain. These seemingly unbreakable patterns apply to conditions of the thyroid, both hypo and hyper.

In this 5 week course, we will study plants for thyroid disease and disorders, study the disorders themselves, look at the application of Michael Moore’s thyroid stress types, and weave in information on the Greek/Eclectic Doctor’s 6 Tissue States.

Classes 1 and 2Materia medica In these 2 classes, we will focus on around 10 different plants for treating thyroid conditions, and how each applies to the following-physiology of the thyroid and other influential organ system and
endocrine gland relationships.

Classes 3-5 will focus on the following:

  • Thyroid dysfunction and how it relates to Thyroid Stress.
  • Tissue states and the patterns of the humors: blood, mucous, bile, and lymphatic fluid.
  • Symptom pictures of dysfunction, both hypo and hyper: tongue, organ system deficiencies and excess
  • Thyroid Dysfunction: Nature/Heredity vs. Nurture/Food and Environmental Factors
  • Formulating for thyroid conditions, and analyzing thyroid formulas.

Class 3– Anatomy and Physiology of the Thyroid – Michael Moore’s Thyroid Stress Types: Thyroid Stress and Thyroid Stress Depressive

Class 4(Finish Thyroid Stress Types if needed) Hypothyroid

Class 5– Hyperthyroid



Thanks for your interest in the class. Please email me at kathyweeds@yahoo.com if you would like to register.


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